What scared other teams away from selecting him?

Davis was solid against Big Ten competition, but his gaudy statistics take a hit against better competition. If you extrapolate his Power 5 production to a 12-game season, you’d get 74 receptions for 964 yards and six touchdowns, but that doesn’t include the non-conference cupcakes he’d face as part of Ohio State or Michigan’s offense.

Clip his Big Ten projection down to eight games and add his average MAC performance from 2016 — 7-plus catches and 115 yards per game — and you get an adjusted stat line that looks like 79 receptions, 1,110 receiving yards (13.9 yards per catch), and 10 touchdowns.

For comparison, those numbers would have trailed only Northwestern’s Austin Carr in the Big Ten. It’s safe to say Davis would have been a first-team all-conference pick, no matter where he played his college ball in 2016.

What’s more, Davis also suffered from being his team’s primary weapon on offense, which meant any of the Big Ten teams he faced, barring perhaps Purdue in 2014, were focused on stopping him. He’ll have less pressure to be the sole or main offensive threat on his team in the NFL, especially on a team with Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry, and DeMarco Murray.

What scared other teams away from selecting him? Randolph became a reserve this season, playing about 25 minutes per game. There will likely be interest from other teams. The question is whether Z-Bo wants to play anywhere else.

Focus on the players crushing the ball, though. Is this a new Avisail Garcia, or are there red flags? He’s struck out 21 times to just five walks in 93 plate appearances, and his batting average on balls in play is .443. It’s gauche to use BABIP as the explanation for everything, so I don’t use it often, but it’s an obvious culprit here. There’s a strong, strong chance that Avisail Garcia is going to hit like Avisail Garcia Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China this year, not a twitchier Manny Ramirez.