John Fox didn’t scout Jimmy Clausen before drafting him to Panthers

Now with the Bears, John Fox has learned his lesson about selecting players in the NFL Draft: It helps to do your research.

Speaking with reporters Wednesday, the former Carolina coach admitted that in 2010 the Panthers selected quarterback Jimmy Clausen without doing their due diligence.

“There’s a lot that goes into it,” Fox said about drafting a quarterback. “You have to do a lot of research. That situation was a little bit unique, because I think people projected him maybe even into the top 10. On draft day, that’s not how it materialized. I can’t give you all the exacts. He was dropping.

Things got worse and he missed Minnesota’s 17-15 loss to the Cowboys on Dec. 1 after needing emergency surgery on his right eye.

A fifth surgery on the eye is scheduled for mid-April with a follow-up procedure scheduled for early summer. He expects to be fine by the time training camp starts in late July. Zimmer has barely been able to see out of his right eye, but the surgeries should result in “50-percent better vision.”

“And then hopefully after the cataract it can get (fully healed),” Zimmer added.

What doctors fear is that his vision problems could manifest in Zimmer’s Cheap Kyrie Irving Jerseys left eye, which has not yet been afffected. Zimmer joked the biggest problem has been having to Cheap Liverpool Soccer Jerseys use his left eye when hunting.

“I’m learning to shoot left-handed,” he said. “I’m getting pretty good, too.”