Ryan used to have that benefit of the doubt

Are you more confident in him doing it even than the one rookie in this round of the playoffs, Dak Prescott?

The level of belief in Prescott to keep doing what he’s been doing for the Cowboys is all over the place. The number of times Tony Romos name came up the final month of the season made Cheap Full Dye Softball Jerseys that clear. But his benefit of the doubt comes from the season-long success hes had, despite all the speed bumps along the way.

Ryan used to have that benefit of the doubt, but he has thrown a tire too many times to get it easily now. That includes the earlier years, when he wasnt winning playoff games, and the 2012 season, when the NFC Super Bowl road went through Atlanta and the Falcons still lost.

Ryan’s overall play got him first-team All-Pro status, but no one had better chisel him in for MVP because his habit of making that big mistake, giving away a huge game, keeping the Falcons from scaling that last obstacle, popped up more than once. In a very competitive MVP field, no one needs to apologize for holding those moments against him.

That Chiefs game, for instance. The pick-six and, worse, the Cheap Goalie Jerseys pick-two, weigh on that confidence factor. They should. It was all bad enough to delete the memory of the touchdown drive and pass that set up the pick-two.

Howard made the smart business decision to attend the 2017 Senior Bowl. Outside of being swamped by local media, Howard already has begun to show why he was the dominating offensive weapon in the Crimson Tide’s last two national championship games despite being under-utilized during his college career.

For Howard, the Senior Bowl won’t necessarily be about raising his draft stock, but about selling himself to teams as their first-round pick. He’s firmly in the first-round discussion, and it would be a major surprise if he fell to Round 2.