MLB trade rumor grade: Yonder Alonso to the Yankees?

Have a seat, and participate in our new and ongoing series where we take a trade rumor and try to figure out just how likely and believable it is. You will be shocked, but not every rumor passes Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK the smell test, and many won’t happen even if they do seem like a real possibility. It’s our job to sort all of that out for you.

The rumor getting this treatment today is courtesy’s Jon Morosi, who reports that the Yankees and A’s are discussing a deal including recent first-time All-Star Yonder Alonso.

Well that’s an uncomfortable yet fitting segue into Albert Pujols’ contract. Pujols has actually been pretty good with the Angels — the thing about being the hitter of your generation is that your decline is still better than what a lot of people are doing at their peak. And Pujols, from age 32 through 36 with the Angels, hit 146 homers, posted a 123 OPS+, and produced an above-average three WAR per year.

The problem was more with the Angels, as they made the postseason just once in this stretch, and now Pujols is 37 and no longer any good. Also, Pujols is owed another $114 million from 2018 through 2021, and there have already been multiple occasions where, during his time with the team, the Angels were forced to trade away the Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys few prospects and young players they had to fill holes because they didn’t have anymore room on the payroll thanks to deals like the one they signed with Pujols.

And yet, like with Cano, we can’t simply erase what Pujols achieved during the early years of the deal. And that’s going to matter when we bring up the only other deal that rivals his as the worst in the game.