Are any of the other candidates for best player alive in the top 10 in the world in defense?

Ottawa, CAN. Ottawa Senators’ forward Jean-Gabriel Pageau (#44) in warm-ups before Game 2 vs NY Rangers on Saturday at CTC. Pageau would have a career game with four goals including the GWG in double OT. Photo by Alicia Strauch – S7S
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The Ottawa Senators 6-5 thrilling double overtime victory vs. the NY Rangers on Saturday came largely in part of forward Jean-Gabriel Pageau’s four goal performance that put the Sens in a 2-0 series lead in the second round of the NHL playoffs.

Pageau’s performance reached epic tiers that will be forever instilled in the hearts and souls of the Senators’ fanbase without a doubt.

If you disagree, I turn your attention to the devastating defense Kawhi played on Harden in Wednesday’s Game 2. By my count, Harden — one of the most efficient scorers ever this season — went 1 of 8 from the floor when Leonard defended him.

In any era when individual playmakers are taking on historically large role in offenses, those shutdown defenders take on increased importance. In sussing out who is the best basketball player alive, that matters.

Are any of the other candidates for best player NHL Cheap Jerseys alive in the top 10 in the world in defense? LeBron has a case if we consider only the playoffs. (There’s an argument that in this stage of his career, we should only pay attention to the playoffs to judge who Actual LeBron is.)

The former five-star recruit’s stock surged with a stellar 2016

Impact playmakers at inside linebacker are hard to come by, but the 49ers think they’ve found one in former Alabama standout Reuben Foster, trading up to select him with the 31st pick in the 2017 NFL draft.

The former five-star recruit’s stock surged with a stellar 2016, highlighted by his leadership on a juggernaut Crimson Tide defense that ranked first against the run, in total yardage, and scoring.

A diluted sample at the NFL Combine and unrelated dismissal from the event, however, make the selection of Foster a gutsy move. The linebacker is one of the more talented players in this year’s draft class, but his list of concerns has grown over the past couple of months.

Unlike Fournette and Cook, McCaffrey isn’t built like a typical workhorse running back. At 5’11, 202 pounds, he isn’t a small back, but he has a slighter frame than most.

His 2016 stats were hurt a bit by an undisclosed injury that cost him one game and a decision to skip the final bowl game of his collegiate career. McCaffrey’s choice to pass on playing in the Sun Bowl raised eyebrows, but Fournette made the same kind of decision, and it’s unlikely that NFL teams took it into consideration much.

The two games McCaffrey missed in 2016 were the only two he missed in his collegiate career, and he proved durable at Stanford where he often had more than 30 touches per game.

But the other concerns about his less-than-ideal size are his Cheap Youth Basketball Jerseys ability as a pass blocker and his capability of running through arm tackles the way he managed to do at Stanford. If McCaffrey proves unsatisfactory at doing either, he could be relegated to a change-of-pace role, which is hard to justify spending a first-round pick on.

What scared other teams away from selecting him?

Davis was solid against Big Ten competition, but his gaudy statistics take a hit against better competition. If you extrapolate his Power 5 production to a 12-game season, you’d get 74 receptions for 964 yards and six touchdowns, but that doesn’t include the non-conference cupcakes he’d face as part of Ohio State or Michigan’s offense.

Clip his Big Ten projection down to eight games and add his average MAC performance from 2016 — 7-plus catches and 115 yards per game — and you get an adjusted stat line that looks like 79 receptions, 1,110 receiving yards (13.9 yards per catch), and 10 touchdowns.

For comparison, those numbers would have trailed only Northwestern’s Austin Carr in the Big Ten. It’s safe to say Davis would have been a first-team all-conference pick, no matter where he played his college ball in 2016.

What’s more, Davis also suffered from being his team’s primary weapon on offense, which meant any of the Big Ten teams he faced, barring perhaps Purdue in 2014, were focused on stopping him. He’ll have less pressure to be the sole or main offensive threat on his team in the NFL, especially on a team with Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry, and DeMarco Murray.

What scared other teams away from selecting him? Randolph became a reserve this season, playing about 25 minutes per game. There will likely be interest from other teams. The question is whether Z-Bo wants to play anywhere else.

Focus on the players crushing the ball, though. Is this a new Avisail Garcia, or are there red flags? He’s struck out 21 times to just five walks in 93 plate appearances, and his batting average on balls in play is .443. It’s gauche to use BABIP as the explanation for everything, so I don’t use it often, but it’s an obvious culprit here. There’s a strong, strong chance that Avisail Garcia is going to hit like Avisail Garcia Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China this year, not a twitchier Manny Ramirez.

Tony Parker injury: Spurs star goes down holding his left leg

Tony Parker fell to the floor clutching his left knee in the fourth quarter of Game 2 between the San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Rockets. Parker laid on the ground as play continued until the Spurs regained possession and called timeout.

As play stopped, the home fans in San Antonio chanted Parker’s name.

The play happened as Parker drove on Houston’s Patrick Beverley and missed a floater. It was a non-contact injury. His teammates carried him off the floor.

Parker had 18 points and four assists at the time of the injury with the Spurs leading. His play in this game was a big reason why San Antonio went on to win 121-96 and tie the series at 1-1.

Kawhi Leonard was the star for the Spurs in Game 2, but there’s no doubt San Antonio will need Parker going forward. He didn’t return in the game and will have an MRI on Thursday, according to the team.

Tony Parker suffered a left leg injury and will not return to tonight’s game. He will undergo an MRI exam tomorrow.

As Nene comes out to set the screen to Harden’s right, watch Kawhi look back at Nene, determine where he’s going, and angle his body to force Harden to drive away from the screen. But the Rockets counter. Nene sees Kawhi’s adjustment and simply switches his screen to Harden’s left. Because Cincinnati Reds Cheap Jerseys Harden is so patient with the basketball, the Rockets big men always have time Chinese Cheap Jerseys to flip their screens and prevent their opponents from icing.

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t compare Hooker to Ed Reed?

Anyway, Malik McDowell is going to kick some ass in the NFL and you can beleee dat! Some may laugh at my comment about picking McDowell over Thomas today, but don’t be surprised if three years from now McDowell is the more productive player. Regardless of when he is drafted, you can expect McDowell to Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping be ready to play from day one and to keep getting better the more he plays.

McDowell’s best days are ahead of him and, barring injury, I see him being a Pro Bowl type player by his third year, if not sooner, and a double digit sack guy maybe in his second year if he goes somewhere with a good to great 3-4 defensive coordinator. If you don’t know the name by now and your team has a pick in the first round, I would suggest you get very familiar.

Since I don’t have access to all-22 for college football games, I use the next best thing for my draft profiles and go to Draft Breakdown where they the TV copy of a bunch of top prospects’ already cut up and ready to go. Also, their site is compatible with the NoHuddle app which turns your cell phone into a “cowboy clicker,” which is pretty damn neat. For the purposes of this breakdown, I watched Michigan State defensive lineman Malik McDowell against Furman, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Indiana and BYU. Those represented the first five games on Michigan State’s schedule last season, respectively.

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t compare Hooker to Ed Reed?

No. It’s basically the law that if you’re talking about Malik Hooker, you Cheap MLB Jerseys From China have to compare him to Ed Reed. Here’s a brief and incomplete history of people comparing Hooker to Ed Reed.

How did Cunningham become Vanderbilt’s best defensive prospect in decades?

It didn’t take long for the Pinson, Ala., native to become a force. Cunningham was starting by the end of his first season on the field, and he was named first-team All-SEC as a sophomore. By the time he declared for the draft, he’d left his mark as one of the most versatile and clutch linebackers in the country.

Follow the action with our 2017 NFL draft tracker with pick-by-pick results and analysis updating in real-time for all seven rounds.

Indianapolis Colts: An upgrade at safety had to be a priority for the Colts with so little at the position, but it sure looked like the team wouldn’t have a chance at landing Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker before a significant drop-off at the position.

Instead, Hooker fell right into their laps, giving a rangy ball hawk to a defense that was near the bottom of the league in every major category, including turnovers.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints were oh-so-close to getting Reuben Foster at No. 32, but instead had to settle for the best player on the board: Ryan Ramczyk. But getting the road grader came at a great value, as did Marshon Lattimore at No. 11.

Getting the top cornerback off the board without moving into the top 10 was a big win, and even if Ramczyk doesn’t directly address a big need, the Saints got a pair of good investments to build around.

Since I don’t have access to all-22 film for college games, I use the next best thing for my NFL draft profiles and go to, where they have the TV copy of a bunch of Cheap Jerseys Sale top prospects already cut up and ready to go. Also, their site is compatible with the noHuddle app, which turns your cell phone into a cowboy clicker.

For the purposes of this breakdown, I watched UCLA edge rusher Takkarist McKinley against Stanford, Arizona State, Utah, and Cal. Those represented the fourth, sixth, eighth, ninth, and MLB Jerseys China 12th games on UCLA’s schedule last season.

Jeff Fisher is trying to ruin another young quarterback and he’s not even coaching in the NFL

The Bears are already taking some heat for their decision to trade up one spot in the first round of the draft, a move they probably didn’t need to make to get North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Either way, he’s the new face of their franchise, and that’s a job that takes a special level of mentoring and coaching to make it successful.

Head coach John Fox has got his work cut out for him. Fortunately for the Bears and Trubisky, Fox has turned to a friend, a long-time NFL head coach who knows a proven track record for developing rookie quarterbacks — Jeff Fisher.

You broke a barrier and a stereotype proving not every minority has to use a ball to make a way. You’ve inspired a lifetime of dreamers you and old. Now, kids from my community — and my future children — will know there’s no dream too big — even they could be President of the United States. As I prepare for the honor of visiting the White House, I will be there as a Super bowl Champion — and I will think of you, mainly because the White House is a different and better place because you lived there. I was a kid that came from nothing and I am living out one of the greatest dreams of my life.

I am just grateful for the opportunity to walk on the same steps as you did, and to have a platform to inspire and I hope to leave my mark on history the way you did. One Cheap Jerseys Good day, when I meet you, I will shake your hand and say thank you to your face but until then this kid is going to continue to dream until I can’t anymore. Thank you for blazing a trail, but for more than that, for leaving a paved road behind you for others to climb on.

How did your personal routine change with your offseason starting later because of Atlanta’s Super Bowl run?

One thing we did a great job of last year was creating explosive plays and limiting turnovers. That will hopefully be a staple of who we are as an offense moving forward. There are Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys some specific things we can do better. We could have been better in some third-down situation and tight red-zone situations. We already started on that today and got a lot of red-area work. That was good.

How did your personal routine change with your offseason starting later because of Atlanta’s Super Bowl run?

It’s one of those things where we played a little longer so it took us a little more time (to recover). You probably start a little later than you would have in other years. But we also worked those six weeks that we played longer.

I don’t think I was quite as rusty when I came back to it. My body is starting to feel really good and I think all the guys are starting to feel pretty good. I was impressed by what I saw today.

Chicago might play the waiting game at quarterback with Mike Glennon as the stopgap, but it desperately needs to get him some better protection and playmakers. The back seven of the defense needs more rebuilding, too.

Jacksonville can no longer consider a workhorse back or a game-changing tight end as a luxury, but rather necessary keys to get Blake Bortles back on a track. An offensive lineman Cheap Jordan Jerseys China can help both the run and pass to that end. Another big body on defensive front wouldn’t hurt, either.