Well-balanced Warriors use big third quarter to glide past Pistons

Thursday night’s clash between the Warriors and Pistons was shaping up to be an exciting game, until the two teams walked out of the locker room to start the second half.

The first half featured 21 lead changes, which was the most in a game involving the Warriors this season, but Golden State outscored Detroit 41-19 in the third quarter to blow the game open. Golden State ultimately won, 127-107, thanks to three players scoring over 20 points.

Allen’s best-case scenario in terms of the draft is late teens and into the 20s. That’s where it was last year, after he averaged 21.6 points and shot 41.7 percent from the 3-point line. That’s where it is this year, only that could be a stretch. But not because Allen keeps getting involved in high-profile skirmishes with opposing teams.

In fact, the GM said, as long as his own teammates have no problems with him, the skirmishes can be positive. They show Allen’s competitive fire. NBA teams interested in drafting Allen will do plenty of digging around the Blue Devils program, talking to coaches and members of the Duke athletics staff. That’s how they get a better sense of a player’s personality, not by seeing a player getting fired up during heated moments.

The GM compared the Allen situation to that of Marcus Smart, chosen sixth by the Celtics in 2014 out of Oklahoma State. In the winter before that draft, Smart fell into the stands trying to block a shot at Texas Tech and overheard something he didn’t like from a fan. He wheeled and Tampa Bay Lightning Cheap Jerseys pushed the fan, an incident that cost him a three-game suspension and loomed Premier League Cheap Jerseys over him entering that year’s draft. But the Celtics did enough research to know that Smart was simply caught up in the moment, and that his stock should not be hurt because of it.