Watch: You can’t unsee Cam Newton’s happy birthday to himself on Instagram

If they don’t, you do run the risk of the reputation of officiating even sinking lower than it is thanks to social media. You are never going to win those people over on social media, but the presence you have to have when you speak with the media is very important. The presence that you have to have when you stand up in from of 32 coaches and present what the new rule changes are is critical.

Al has personality. I know that about Al. He’s a really good guy and he’s fun to be around. He’s funny. How that reflects in the way he handles himself when you put a microphone if front of him we’ll see, but I think he’ll be okay.

What is your stance on the NFL moving toward hiring officials as full-time employees?

Pereira: I think you really have to think full-time. It’s come. This is one big thing with Dean leaving that is going to be somewhat difficult because they were already beginning to make that move under Dean’s leadership. But I am a strong proponent of all 17 referees being full-time. Not full-time working at home during the week but at an officiating institute someplace.

Cam Newton is never one to shy away from a good celebration, and NFL Cheap Jerseys Nike judging by his latest Instagram post, his 28th birthday will be quite the party.

Newton turned 28 Thursday, and while it appears the Panthers’ franchise quarterback will have a good time, the team probably would like to forget some of the adventures seen in that post.

After leading the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015 with a career year, Newton and Carolina stumbled last season, missing the playoffs altogether.

Maybe a party for the ages will get Newton back on track and help the Panthers win in 2017.