JPP shocked by Thursday morning call that he’d been traded

If you were shocked by the news that the Giants had traded defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul to the Buccaneers, you weren’t alone. Pierre-Paul NBA Jerseys Wholesale was stunned by the news.

“I got the call and I was like, ‘What?’” Pierre-Paul said Friday during his first press conference as a Buccaneers, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Obviously, I had to soak it in for a little bit. Everybody says it’s a great move. I think it’s a great move. My family is excited. I’m going to be close to my son.”

It may take a lot more than Pierre-Paul to make a return to prominence by the Buccaneers possible, especially in a division that featured three playoff teams in 2017. But the Buccaneers obviously are trying their best to turn things around. With Pierre-Paul, maybe they will.

“Our playing field, that’s not the place for political statements,” McNair said, throwing in “religious statements” as well (because that particular fire needed one more log on it).

He added that he didn’t want to anger his paying customers, which makes it clear which portion of them he’s listening to.

“There are fans that are upset about it,” he said. “Fans are our customers. You can replace the owners and the league will survive. You can replace the players, although the game won’t be good. You can’t replace the fans. If you don’t have fans, you’re dead.”

But there’s also the small matter of the league not wanting to incite a riot among the labor pool for being perceived to heavy-handedly Got Cheap Jerseys dictate what can and cannot be said.

That’s what Jets CEO Christopher Johnson seemed to realize.