Amir Johnson meeting with 3 teams in Los Angeles, SN source says

Free-agent forward Amir Johnson won’t be back in Boston next season. But he will have free agent options, a source told Sporting News on Friday.

After averaging 6.5 points and 4.6 rebounds in 80 games for the Celtics last year (77 starts), Johnson will meet with teams in Los Angeles on Saturday. Among Great Cheap Jerseys them will be two teams very eager to fill roster spots after an active pre-July slate: the Rockets and the Bulls.

Which brings us to the larger, more potent question: How are we changing the culture of baseball?

Pride Nights matter and they’re great for outreach, just like any night in baseball that promotes something important, but they don’t address the depth of the problem.

The Cardinals host a LGBTQ Night, but also just announced that Lance Berkman will speak on “Christian Night.” Berkman has been an outspoken and active advocate against LGBTQ rights, saying in response to Houston’s HERO ordinance, which would’ve protected LGBT rights in the city, “Tolerance is the virtue that’s killing America.”

Similarly, the domestic violence policy Major League Baseball Houston Texans Cheap Jerseys introduced in 2015 does only so much good when a player like Yankees reliever Aroldis Chapman defiantly shucks responsibility for a DV incident in his home, and Nationals manager Dusty Baker makes statements that put domestic violence survivors like myself on razor’s edge because it sounds very familiar and chillingly tone-deaf.