Stallworth learned that in the 2007 offseason after he joined the club as a free agent.

DeShone Kizer scored a pair of touchdowns (in between getting sacked seven times) and a still-building defense held Le’Veon Bell and James Conner to just 43 rushing yards on Sunday. Second-year wideout Corey Coleman, who missed a big chunk of his rookie season thanks to a broken hand, looked especially valuable, catching five of his six targets and notching a clutch fourth-quarter touchdown in the loss.

Marvin Lewis, winner of zero playoff games in his 14-plus seasons with the Bengals, has been on the NFL’s coaching hot seat so long his ass must be made of asbestos. But 2017 may be his swan song after Sunday’s 20-0 beating at the hands of the Ravens. Andy Dalton suffered through one of his worst games as a pro to Cheap Kids Jerseys start the season. He threw four interceptions, fumbled once, and barely completed more than 50 percent of his passes. Most inexplicably, he threw the ball away on a fourth-and-5 situation, dooming his team to awfulness instead of just mediocrity.

Unlike this year’s squad, Hochstein and two other members of the 2007 Patriots — wide receiver Donté Stallworth and cornerback Asante Samuel — told Sporting News they didn’t start hearing outside noise about going undefeated until the season was well underway. Stallworth said Patriots veterans were privately more motivated by sticking it to those who labeled the squad “cheaters” amid the unfolding Spygate scandal.”

Said Samuel: “It was stressed to us that the next opponent is the best Cheap Lebron Jerseys opponent and we’ve got to take care of that. You can’t avoid (16-0 hype) forever. You just try to deal with it the best you can.”

After the draft-day trade that landed Randy Moss from Oakland, Stallworth recalls one veteran telling the media the Patriots could have a “year to remember.”