Q&A with The Freeze, Braves superhero on fast track to internet stardom

The one where Nigel Talton, an Atlanta Braves grounds crew member-turned-promotion extraordinaire better known as The Freeze, gives a fan a massive head start in a race around the warning Cheap Jerseys For Sale track at SunTrust Park. The fan showboats, then falls, and The Freeze wins the race. Beat The Freeze, he did not.

THE FREEZE/TALTON: I’ve been working for the grounds crew since 2012 and when I first started, the grounds crew would rake the field at the bottom of the third (inning) and bottom of the sixth, so at Turner Field, the grounds crew location was at the right field foul pole so people didn’t want to go to third base because it was far from where we come out at. So I always went to third, so the first time I went to third, they were like, He’s fast.

Keep in mind, though, that Elliott played in only 15 games, and the reason wasn’t injury-related. It was a result of Elliott being the durable centerpiece of an offense that helped Dallas go an NFC-best 13-3 as a division-winning top playoff seed. Dickerson played a full 16 for his numbers on a Los Angeles team that finished second in the NFC West at 9-7 and missed the playoffs.

The Cowboys were in position to rest Elliott and didn’t need to risk using him in a meaningless season finale against the Eagles in Week 17. Based on his consistently dominant pace, Elliott projected to 1,739 yards rushing and 2,126 yards from scrimmage. Although that still would have put Elliott short of Dickerson’s marks, that Cheap Jerseys Good doesn’t mean he didn’t have the better immediate impact.

Dickerson averaged more rushing yards per game, 113 to Elliott’s 108.7. He also had 20 touchdowns to Elliott’s 16. Those are still pretty close. The separation comes in what Elliott did per touch.

Elliott trumped Dickerson in yards per carry, 5.1 to 4.6. He also averaged 11.3 yards per catch, blowing away Dickerson’s 7.9.

That would be a tough feat even if Carr were healthy. Its downright impossible now.

The only game the Raiders will play in Houston this winter comes next weekend, when the Texans host Oakland in a first-round matchup.

Houston is brutal enough offensively that the Raiders have a shot at winning, especially Cheap Jerseys China if the more seasoned McGloin is under center instead of Cook. But even if that were to happen, theres no reason to feel good about Oaklands chances the following week at either New England or Kansas City.

The Patriots (14-2) finished with the NFLs best record and are basically unbeatable in second-round playoff games at Gillette Stadium, with a 10-1 mark in the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady era. The Chiefs already have beaten the Raiders twice this season and are finally hitting their stride on offense entering the playoffs.

Writing this obituary isnt fun. Oaklands reemergence after 14 seasons without a playoff appearance was one of the NFLs best stories of 2016. The franchise is in great shape for the future, as well, with quality management and ample salary cap space to insure cornerstone young players like Carr will remain with the franchise for years to come.

This is the only consolation Raiders fans can take in a season that really ended on Dec. 24, 2016 when Carr went down.

Though he likely won’t win the award, Bell is an NFL MVP candidate for a reason. SN’s David Steele argues he not Ben Roethlisberger or Antonio Brown is the primary reason the Steelers have won eight straight games en route to their AFC North title. Part of that streak was last week’s wild-card playoff win over the Dolphins, in which Bell rushed for 167 yards.

Kansas City opened as a two-point favorite over Pittsburgh. Given Bell’s recent history and the perpetual success of dominant rushing attacks in wintry weather, that line might change as the temperatures Cheap Jerseys Custom in western Missouri drop.